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We are a Growth & Content Marketing Agency.
This means we help startups and established tech companies accelerate their growth.

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A growth agency suited for your startup's need

We are a team of experts in different discipliners. From content marketers to data analysts, product managers and growth leads.

By understanding your company's main KPI's and business objectives, we strategize and prioritise the right tests and experiment to help your company achieve meaningful growth.

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What's a growth agency?

Your company doesn't need a digital agency who'll just write off tasks.

You need an agile team that can help you get results - be it leads, brand awareness or improve your product metrics.

We don't just do social, or blogging - we care how


Our Services Include:

Growth Hacking

Content Marketing



Growth Hacking

A professional growth lead and data analyst will assemble your growth team, run the weekly growth meetings and manage your fast paced experimentation.

Based on qualitative and quantitive data, we will help you learn more about your users behaviour and help you increase the number of active users in your product.

In this process, you'll uncover your growth engines and systematically increase your main KPI’s and product metrics.  

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Content Marketing
& Traction Channels

Based on your company's objectives, we'll create a tailor made content marketing strategy, utilising all the current relevant channels and tactics to help your grow your startup.

Your content strategy may include any of the following channels: Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Paid media, Email Marketing, Guest blogging, Lead Gen, Webinars, Podcasts, Chatbots, Design & Development.

We execute and optimize based on what works, where your audience attention is and what is native to the platform.  We build per-channel strategies, bring in the creatives and full-on execution.

We integrate growth hacking techniques & processes into our digital strategies and always find the smarter way of getting results.

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Strategy & Consulting

Need a thought out action plan?

We've helped companies build their marketing, product launch or growth strategies, lead-gen campaigns and accompanied their teams to success

We 'll do the research, create the strategy and game plan. Then we'll make sure your team is aligned for a perfect execution.

Popular Projects:

  • Digital Strategies
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Guest Blogging strategies
  • Product Launches
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Do you want to build a growth machine
and increase your M/M growth?

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Some of the companies
we've worked With

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We've A/B tested our way into building the right agency

"I've founded Stardom.IO in 2017, but am officially launching it only now. Mid-2018.

Why? Because in the past year we've been experimenting and working with clients to understand how would a "growth" agency will operate.

We've worked and tested our methods and processes with some of the biggest tech companies in their space as well as some amazing rising starts. 

One size fits all templates don't work when you try and grow a company. Same goes for "silver bullets". 

It's about processes, doing deep-work, experimenting, breaking down silos and really getting to know the product and your audience's behaviour. 

So what's the difference between a "digital" and "growth" agency? 

The way we think, operate, and the results we deliver. "

Roy Povarchik, Founder of Stardom.IO


Working with Stardom...


Diego Pizzocaro

CEO of Sellf

"With Stardom's help, In specific, we were able to have in particular 1 post on our blog go viral and reach organically more than 130.000 people without spending a dime on paid adv."


Noam Klinger

GM of EatWith

"Working with Stardom.IO was a great experience. The team was highly professional and the deliverables were in very high quality (even our VC was impressed!)"


Talia Fin Jakar

Marketing and
Business Development Manager at PowToon

"When it comes to Social Media & Content, Roy and his team are one of the most knowledgable and creative I've ever worked with! They really understood our goals and audience, and were able to deliver a great strategy and execution."

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