Hacking your LinkedIn Ads audiences using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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If you’re doing B2B marketing, you know that having a laser-focused hit-list is one of the important things to get good SQLs for your sales team. LinkedIn is the go-to platform for B2B professionals in both the Marketing and Sales departments. For marketing teams, it’s great targeting capabilities to create laser accurate audiences to run their campaigns against makes up …


5 Tactics to find journalists and influencer’s email using Twitter

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In the past few years, finding emails has gone from a challenging research task to almost a commodity, thanks to all the different email prospecting tools out there. You see, we’ve used RocketReach, Hunter.io, and the other popular tools. We tried them a bunch of them (we’re even paying for RocketReach). While they are mostly able to deliver on their …

The one Instagram Stories Tactic that got us X5 organic leads.

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Instagram can be great for lead gen if you use it right. Most marketers, for some reason, still live under the notion that Instagram is only for lifestyle loving millennials, while the truth is that it’s evolved much further than that. In the past few months we’ve started experimenting with a new method to get leads through Instagram organically – …